Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thankful Thursday: Busy Busy Week

 It's been a rather hectic week of going for me. I think the world knows I'm back on my feet and is trying to make up for the last year of me not being able to go. I've had to drive somewhere everyday this week. Which just feels so weird after not being able to drive for so long. I'm still unbelievably thankful I am able to drive though.

I am also thankful this week for

having time with Kyla

Kyla came home for the weekend and didn't leave till Monday evening. I miss my monkey something terrible and love having her home. She lifts my spirits so much. 

Walmart grocery delivery

With covid cases ramping back up in our area having this option is really wonderful. After having several people in our family contract this crazy disease it's really a great way for us to keep our peace of mind.  I love how I can keep adding to the order until 1:45am of the day of the delivery and how I can schedule what time of day I want it dropped off. We started using it mainly while I was still dealing with my broken ankle and then covid hit and it just made sense to rely on it solely. 

That Mike is finally done clearing the property

I didn't think he'd ever get done with it. Dealing with the logistics of getting people out there to knock down the old shop, clean out the crap like old oil drums, tires, and more, and clean up the ashes of the burnt house was nightmarish. But God provided everything and everyone we needed at the right time and for a hell of a price. It was truly a blessing in more ways than one. For me, the biggest blessing is it's been a load of stress taken off Mike's mind, and for Mike, it's a blessing because it didn't break our bank. 

Just behind that big green patch of plants is where the house was.
Way off in the distance is where the shop was. 

It's so weird seeing all of the buildings gone. The guys also knocked down around 6-8 trees that needed to go. Oh, and they cleared out a really overgrown section of the property that was behind the old shop. It's just amazing how much land it opened. I knew we had a lot of property but wow it's just mind-boggling to me how much it is now that all that stuff is gone. 

For convenience store food

Right next door to my physical therapist is a gas station/convenience store. I love this place. They have great fast food items that taste better than any fast food you can get.

Mike and Hayley prefer the tater logs but my favorite is the boudin balls. It’s a perfect cheap snack/meal after a long session of physical therapy. They are a touch spicy which is perfect and the center cheese portion is just an amazing touch  

What are you thankful for this week?

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